shx photo | Preparing for your Headshot

Important Reminders for your Headshot

  • Your headshot should look exactly like you
  • Your headshot should sell your looks and personality

The Night Before ...

  • Drink plenty of water and be well rested - this will improve the look of your eyes
  • Get good nights rest, avoid unnecessary alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, the night before or directly before the shoot.
  • Try on outfits and expressions in the mirror.  Practice poses and expressions.  
    • See Elizabeth Nicoles' faces MM#1057644 - for inspiration

Clothing Considerations

      Headshots are meant to bring focus to your face, so we want outfits to complement that as well.

  • Avoid baggy outfits, wear comfortable, good-fitting clothes
  • Avoid distracting patterns and bright colors that will distract from your face
  • Avoid turtlenecks
  • Avoid bright red
  • Consider bringing both collared and non-collared shirts
  • Simple dark tops are usually best
  • Fine textures and weaves in your outfits can be a great in a photograph
  • Choose colors to bring out the colors in your eyes
  • Clothes should be in pressed and look new
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and make you feel good!

Hair and Makeup

       Again, headshots are meant to bring focus to your face.  The makeup considerations here are intended to support that purpose.

  • Make-up should be clean and natural
  • Avoid shimmers or products with lot of shine and sparkle
  • Avoid getting a headshot right after a new haircut.  Let it grow out for a more natural look
  • Avoid trying out a new product on your hair, face, or body before the shoot
  • If you're under 16-years old, use only lip balm or lip gloss.

Other Details

  • Jewelry should simple, smaller the better
  • Avoid jewelry that will distract from your face
  • Nails should be manicured