shx photo | How to send me your selections

After you log in, you should be seeing thumbnails of your images or a one or more folders with your images.

There are buttons at the bottom that allow you to select a specific page of images, move forward and backward between the pages, or view all of the pages.

Near the top right is a 'SELECT PHOTOS' button.  Use this button to start the process of sending me your selections.

Press 'SELECT PHOTOS', then click the photos you would like to select.  After you have finished you selections, click 'ADD TO FAVORITES'.

After creating your favorites, you'll see your list of images at the top right, by default it's called 'My Selection (#)'.

View your selections, by selecting 'My Selection (#)'.  You should only see the list of images you've selected.  If everything looks ok, and you see the images you wanted selected, click the 'SEND TO...' button.

Fill in the form, and click 'SHARE'.

Once I have received your selections, I will work through them, and reload your images once they are completed.